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III-Life (Cryogenic Records 2009)

   Don’t believe your own brains but your ears as then you might finding how faster and brutal these Melodic Black Metal band off Canada or exactly – Rouyn Noranda, Quebec; calling themselves as Cryptik Howling whom might gaining success already via the first debut album in latin litanies but the blasphemous mayhem rituals or reflections of the dark side themes and lyrics for Them – the second album that’s really turning on the heads of many audiences whom fanatically becomes the bigger fans for this type of extreme metallic music as it bests just like their predecessor Death Metal melodic suitable when you’re being alone locked or just possessed by the demons of the underworld realm on your abandoned basement.   

   Band members Dominic Mongrain Theriault - vocals & lyrics, Emannuel Audet – bass & orchestrations, Samuel Pruneau – guitars & multimedia to Benoit Breton – drums has their aims to annihilates the world with fire and hatred and via the recording release – Them; seven tracks – plenty scares horrors themes and satanic ritual music carried by Grievous, Scarification, Hollow and The Dark Figure completed thus numbered sub-culture claws that can never be tamed by the consuming sounds of sell-out rock/metal of the mainstream - whipping it hard with extremities.