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   Ever got abducted by the extra-terrestrial intelligence creatures but for many years you just keep quiet even when people around you calling you crazy and you already dealing with lots of problems like divorce or loss of friends and denial by the normal society whom accepting the fact that you’re lying about it as a made-up story creeping within Search The Abduction project. 
The rest would be history when one got the experiences for being really taken away without their intentions or acceptance but on Ensis; as the album filled with a secret hypnosis and recording between sounds of reality and hallucinating noises samples the eerie and scary parts of the rituals happening when you got on board with the aliens doing their fatal experiments on your body as the Dark Ambient, Drone or Noise-Electro recorded absurdly by the project from Irapuato – Mexico where shit things happened like usual daily bread to them; given these seven limited tracks instrumental as a background on the horrific events occurs on a remote forest edge, empty bridge, peaceful rooms and night driving within track I until V as well as the Bonustrack in seven minutes and eight seconds, giving the mind’s eye a clear image of how exactly their kidnappers looked like.