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Hungerbeast (Independent 2015)

   No consuming causes, no assumptions and no regrets by making this filthy raw and louder disturbance noises blasts but guess, they’ve got plenty good fucking reasons to start the war and writing the fucking destroyer tracks onto the recording titled album release or cursing the world and the rest of their conspiring governments off this Flag Of Shit in simplicity eruptions for more Grindcore/Hardcore/Crusty Death Metal and other many extremities – like the rides on Deathsleigh. 
Santa Claws is already coming to town and you may definitely getting captured, tortures and dying to see how the celebrations of your end year and birthday of the false son god soon recreating here by the spirits of the extinct bold eagle lords through the devastating choices that people may cannot avoid anymore as a deep stabbing cuts from Thou Dost Seek No Pigs, Rotting Patriots, BBQ Demon, Flash Cult and The Spawn Of Nub; representing the hatred collects from every single minority reports, blasphemous acts and secret papers hidden underneath the soil but now on the reckoning days dig-up and testimony to judge your sins, United States of America …