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Hummah (Independent 2015)

   The terror is real not like the conspiring version of ISIL troops whom most people known as the real threat to the excellent West World society; you will facing the reality which a spreading verses for real horror infected shouting of the holy Arabs rage and the rest of the moslem world through Djihad release the wrath to put terror threats right into your front bedroom door as your beloved children turning their heads away from the comforts and the warmth of capitalism creeping by Thallahu Akbar’s Deathcore Metal in experiments in USA. 
These five tracks reserved most of the generous conservative thall hatred views you afraid of in this millennium lives; Whether Rabka or Thall-Qa’idah can easily lead the sickness disease of destroying others because of a slightly small indifference proudly may received hate-mails by the fans of hard music but these creeps didn’t care. You’ll die terribly by tortures or phobia for the black uniformed troops of the beast … 

Assalamu alaikum.