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Hubris Agenda (Bandcamp 2012)

Justin Urness may loved his variable of artists to be his inspirations as well as the influences such as Room Mates, 64 Squares, The Juizy Blazz Shakeup or The Mutts but not only that he is his own manager but also the group project of Alternative Rock of Urine (the name) from La Crosse, Wisconsin or sometimes also called St. Croix Falls – would be a non-perfect distorted buzzing rock sounds you might love to hear but didn’t like to collect and the reasons why can be explicit or just simply won’t be said. Kraken to For B.E.A all the way onto Lemon Scramby, Make Believe, Churg, Charming and Work Boots or Mathe recently can be compared to the next materials written by Beck but add to the chart of indie noise scene as a B-Side recording which recorded here on these eighteen tracks from Dumper album. The vocals can be so experimental, sometimes being just a little bit ballads and more to that – sounded like he just don’t care much about the audience reasons to liking the music or not.  
Honestly independence like the caricature drawn by Max Hautala on the front cover as well as the clear acoustic guitar plays to admiring the background story about Swingers.