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House Of Tragic Poet (Casket Music 2016)

   Cardiff, Wales of The United Kingdom’s territory for thus mixing in of the feasting buffet of all you can eat for the liking of both Doom Metal Symphonic and Death Metal melodic sounds made by The Drowning consisting of Bunny (bass), Steve Hart (drums), Jason Hodges to Mike Hitchen on the group’s guitar departments as well as Matt Small (vocals) whom through the recent releasing fourth album called Senescent Signs performing their full-length treasury riffs and blown up tracks-titles via Dolor Saeculi the opener, followed by Broken Before The Throne, Betrayed By God, At One with The Dead to When Shadow Falls; like relates thus front-cover artwork of the foggy photographic of mystery figure under the triangle gate of occult’s symbolic appears with the pagan-based themes of their songs written on this album …

Dry your eyes because those tears cannot erasing your sorrow and hatred anymore, child.

Senescent Signs: