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Hokoutro Bisous (Bones Brigade 2008)

   A statement is made and as the releasing of this recording – We Are French, Fukk You comes to the surfacing mainstream music scene (if possible) then, one needs to start to closing their ears before the end of the first opening track of Tu Ressembles a L’Amour in two minutes of a mixing slow-rock classic and spoken words or the front cover artworks showing those cutes pinky cupid-liked member-heads playing mini live bands instruments as Gronibard. Death Metal actions of bashing hateful with Grind-Core/Gore-Grind basic elements as well as Stoner Rock enchantments written for public exposed consuming through this latest album releasing by these North of France Grind-Porn act consisting of Anal Capone, Cedric Meganck, Gilles Delecroix or Natachatte; grinding your face hard and brutal until you’re flat to the ground totally whilst the fronting of extremity Death Metal off thus double pedals, heavy riffs, growling crazed vocals, solo from the hell pit and everything which actually not nice at all being vomit all the way within Attention Les Velos, Blah Blah Blah, Crusty Boy, Mongolito or Necrophagia’s cover on Cannibal Holocaust that classically won’t be missed by the fans of this fanatic metallic blast loudest whom obeying no rules.

We Are French, Fukk You: