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Hestia’s Temptress (PRC Music 2015)

   Seductive occultism-based correctly thicker may bias deadly within thus lyrics where the dark wording and rituals appeal through the Denver, Colorado’s Heavy Doom Metal rockers deity knowledge efforts possible to facing you one day on the stereo as Dead Temple is your band of choice comprising of Tyler Weilgosz on drums, Nick Olson the bass player, guitarist Gianni and led singer lady by Nadia Kontogiannis with then Olivia Stone on vocals to Jade Morgan the guitarist/vocals bring their full-length album release via Cult of Acid which permanently spreading the magical heavy riffs of eerie addicts and horror-themes track-lists on nine songs composed and performance here from White Devil to Black Death, from Sisterhood of The Snake to Virgin Blood; amazingly would reminding you to the female version of Black Sabbath entirely originals. Powerful and lesser-known doesn’t mean that you cannot producing a very distinctive and dangerous record to release. 
   The front-cover of satanic signing and blacker church altar may basically tells us about how the ingredients mixed when you wanted to blend Saint Vitus with Sandor La Vey’s daughters singing choir in one Doom Metal album possible like Shadow of 1000 Faces.

Cult Of Acid: