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Hem Garment Flaming (Not On Label 2013)

   Dressing-up as the one of thus weirdest couple duo in a band of three based on Occult-Pop and New Age and Traditional Classic to Indie-Electro beats and their whirlwind virtuoso as literary conceits or robustly in Progressive Rock culture melts onto cotton candy cult femme voices leading the expands of the group calling themselves Moon Honey as consisting of Jess Elaine Ramsey (vocals), Andrew Martin (guitars) and Logan Baudean (drums) from Los Angeles, brought the calmer theater-based and cabaret re-touches over Hand-Painted Dream Photographs album which may reconsidered to an imagination in your heads when Queen decided to mating with the new millennium Folk-Indie scene or Hi-NRG troubadours from the small town travelling far and re-inventing the classical music for the nerds, the artistic and the architects in the sky above to the sinners, red light district’s hookers and more free-thinking orgy passion believers to gathered in a large amount listening to The Cathedral, Self-Portrait beneath Woman’s Mask, The Two Fridas or Lady Lazarus. Mixed and produced by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier as a good hallucinating record.