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Heaven’s Dissolution (Get By Records 2009)

Bashing your heads with non-gladness socio-politic themes as being influenced by Rock N’ Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as this band actually formed as a merger between two other groups with the same interests here and from Wroclaw, Poland – these Hardcore Punk rock-heads as We Are Idols comprising of Igor Grudzinski, Kapuch, Lukasz Michulka, Majiec Balojannis and Piotr Smereka as the five-piece warriors has brought this debut self-titled recording as the mixture or re-captured of Thrash and Hardcore telling the world about how centuries had been tormented to all – thanks to the greed, megalomaniac thoughts and disaster of man-made and smaller doomsday on epic recording - We Are Idols giving to their anxious listeners for The Fifth Horseman of The Apocalypse or No One Survives, Bird of Steel; Chords are War to Universe is Not Enough and Our Son is Arson. 

If you want to feel these extremists blown up your stereo today – just press play.

We Are Idols: