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Hawking The Galactons (My Pal God Records 1999)

Consisting for the core duo funky-goofy-interesting ideas makers of DJ Lazlo Minimart and Melvoin Stanke the keyboardist exploring their love on Electro-Funk culminations and analog antiquities system for creating some more good modern beats for the music in a rapid pace to the slower tuning phases; arrived in-between albums per albums and taking one of them would be that second one recording of Emperor Penguin features fully squadron like bassist/guitarist Jack Flapjack or Nord (keys) and drum player Ferrari with both Brian Wnukowski or Carl Saff leading the beats.

Via Extreme Gaming is no joke for being seriously relaxing but also fully charged in good techniques presenting there as Electronic/EDM and Electro-Funk Jazz all ruling the most music sounds through either Federation Funk, Phantom of The Gay Opera, Compufunc, My Lunar Rover to Cop Show, Big John ’99 and Superstation Overdrive like a robotic machinery touch displaying the intelligent smart micro-chip taking over the small labs for the group’s music like a thrilling horror short series from the eighties era story.

Extreme Gaming: