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Hausmania (Riot Factory 2016)

The trio consisting of Jonas Royeng (guitars and vocals), Kamilla Waal Larsen (bass and vocals) to Jorgen Natland Apeness (drums) currently based in Oslo – Norway as these Alternative Pop thundering sweet-distorts and power-Pop tinged shall driven our hearing room onto the ride within these track-lists happening to be recorded inside the debuting album of Sauropod entitled Roaring At The Storm.
A grungy performance that will make the audiences madly fun in joyous crowd-surfing for cranking the themed of daily basic story and ordinary tales from the work-times boredom via Sunny Day, Running Song, Your Line is Divine, Edge of a Cloud or You and Me should Leave Together; may consistently sharing thus ideas to fulfilling your own lives not just plainly empty but had some distortions on it – like love flicks, common disasters, elegant touch or beating hearts faster …

PS. As related or not - sometimes a photograph can displaying tricky images on your brain.

Roaring At The Storm: