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Haste Paste (Alias 1993)

   Seminal legends for the Indie Rock home-town heroes group of the (now) defunct quartet in Archers of Loaf: Eric Bachmann, Eric Johnson, Mark Price and Matt Gentling of these Northern Carolina’s first debut recording release for Icky Mettle from their early days off the nineties within thus clever simplicity three chords of melodious, softer riffs on grungy thoughts and surprising patronized tunes to be loved by many and followed by other bands coming after them; guitar rocking, honest vocals, boring about modern life and MTV-kinds of thing and divided onto Icky Side where you may hearing the tracks like Wrong, Last Word, You and Me as for Mettle Side we got Plumb Line, Learo You’re a Hole, Backwash or Slow Worm as some of these songs probably became your favorite hits of the day getting through your high school or college by the helps from the good rockers whom looking like bunch of weirdos or to them you are the freaking macho bullies who needs to be smack or eating their payback in form of awesome rock sounds staging while you – dead and gone.

Icky Mettle: