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Happy Today (Not On Label 2014)

   LA-based audio recorder, visual artist and Grungy musician whom loved to play his Alt-Rock independent primer sounds known to works with some lesser-known artists before him and after him not also famous at all. 
Owning his own small shops as not a retail and through the secondary album releasing the man himself admiring about the stories that contents within the closest relation to any Pop-tinged of Kurt Cobain riffs and the lyrics are honest or just simple to listen; don’t wait for anything but grossly – as the face-lift or make-up transgender boy for the front cover is actually Titanic Sinclair himself; go banging your Pop Rock sensations via Get With It, Yellowtail, Hero and Alien Technology (and) be yourself soon after listening to this shit cause you know that the main reason for Alternative Rock becoming an alternative is for being totally free and being yourself ! 
Nothing’s here available completely for normal people but anyone can attaching their tales to - I Have Teeth. 

A Gary Numan fan’s suicidal bedroom Pop-depressions tunes … 

I Have Teeth: