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Hangover Cops (Bandcamp 2015)

   Brewed Hillbilly Bluegrass cooking deep and fried inside the forest over Mendocino Coast area of Northern California as a fateful union believes that the evil took his vengeance against religious persons living far from home and non-crowded housing complex near Fort Bragg, CA whistling within the barefoot musicians playing their sounds of natural Americana themes across the rural and the water’s edge rivers or inhabitant semi-desert lot by the performance of spirits via Pook nation (banjo,vocals), Paul (guitars/vocals), Diggler Yanez on mandolin, Duncan Rossum the washboard player, Ed “Delights” Welter (bass) and Gabe Buddy Yanez on drums; brought the bands influences about purely natural tales and Dante Alighieri through the recording session of Harvest. Swampy, weedy by the likes of strychnine whiskey onto eating barbecue of deer lungs and livers run like a bad dreams of hell-billies camp with this comedy debut and those chosen songs of the nineteen tracks altogether as you wished for upon the situation or moments fairly connects – Cornholed to Organic Women, Stand Up Man to Workin’ in The Mines, Come Out Ye Black and Tans onto Old Fashion or That’s How I Stayed Alive or American Me. 

There’s a good sign-up for thus whom finding how Aces High (Iron Maiden cover) would delivered by these satanic toad music-heads …