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Guillory’s Muzak (Intrada 2011)

   Scary as hell – you and many others who gets a very bad phobia over clowns shall pissing yourself down the sewer before even the frightening creature ever lay a claw on your skin. This nineties era of Stephen King’s IT television movie or mini-series talks about the supernatural drama which haunts the small town of Derry, Maine got its dark lurking shadows of history since the early days of modernity comes to that place, factory blown-up, mining tragic workers dies, burning-house by the racial groups or even the mysteries about missing children without a trace that all happening within every twenty seven years in a row; the lucky loser club or then the lucky seven children who used to be scared with bloody frightened, scary figures or tragic events happening to them as the fear of clowns and other mischievous things grows up to the worst level but once they’re uniting together: Ben, Eddie, Beverly, Richie, Stanley with Mike as being led by Bill whose lost his younger brother on a one rainy day consumed by IT – the hungry clown creature to swear that they’ll coming back if the creature still alive and come back to snatch children ever again. The plot is developing and never looks old anyway because the classic horror movie based on Stephen King’s novel and the soundtrack accompanying IT comes as your nightmare or shadow on the corner of your bedroom or bathroom and empty road’s whispering or changing into a red threatening balloon; The bullying Bowers Gang to the rest of Derry’s townspeople truly adding more scary parts develops onto the moving touch of thus history re-learning to pedophile aspects to the daily facts about millions of missing children in America every years as you being dragged to the musical disc of movie scoring instrumentals composed, conducted and arranged by Richard Bellis. Stephen King’s IT requires a stronger hearts and even stronger friendships loyalty to defeat the shape-shifting alien beings which feeding on your fear and flesh from the underground lair of the sewer system. From Enter The Clown, Library Balloons, The Smell of Death, Every Thirty Years and the sadder parts of George Dies and many more down to the throat of that creature clown Pennywise’s hungry belly given Something’s Coming and the spirits to fight it via Hi Ho Silver all the way onto The Beast – First Encounter flashbacks or This Time It’s For Real shall leaving you breathless and fully controlled by the imaginations about how scary the meaning of “evil clown” would changing your opinion forever.

Stephen King's IT: