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Grazing Else/If (Bandcamp 2016)

Tiger Security and Nasty Narwhal or Emperor Penguin standing behind the White Walls as the timing tells the truth reveals that extinction for any kinds of living things stops from happening because there’s a help coming from behind the sea of uncertainty and mystery land on the other side of the barrier of nature physics over mankind beliefs and Yearbook trying to seem to understanding you from being misleading entirely over a theory or rumour that comes and go through decades as the band – Animal Super Species consisting of Danny Gunny (vocals, guitar, synths), Reilly Mahon (guitars), Nick Rives (bass, synths) and Chris Hansen (drums, percussion) deleting their sweetening commercial and replacing it with clever smart techniques and arranged tunes which truly sounding like a Garage Power-Pop in an Alternative Indie Progressive for the west coast/Los Angeles representatives. Go and get in deeper further for more good songs like Please Let Me Sleep, Don’t Ask Unless You Wanna Hear It or Tough to Read may totally lifting you up from burdens and gain spirits again for tomorrow right when one got this over-louded through the windows and being heard by neighbor kids too !