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Grapes Hand Right (Self-Released 2011)

They’re not Smashing Pumpkins wannabe hailed from Seattle, Washington trying to find their way back home after being Locked In The Woods that experienced a scary, outlasted and surviving alone while the group had each other and wrote good themed songs for the gaining spirits in order to search the way back as Luminol consisting of vocalist Barbara Burgio, guitarist Mike Shanks, drummer/acoustic guitar by on Ayers to bassist and guitar acoustic player of Robbie Houston with violinist Juan Quiroga brought their musical existence performances on this recording released as your weird Alternative Ambient soundtrack or Progressive Rock experimental of Seattle sounds version of lost fable stories before sleep book-tales; tinged xylophone, solo softer softest tunes, melodic harmonies and Pop-toned tracks of sort-of shorter durations via Squeaking Soul or Too late or Water on Water; heavily would reminding you about Billy Corgan’s written materials with a different formation band crew.

Locked In The Woods: