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Gousgounis Nikki Lane (Not On Label 2010)

   Cum Book may becoming a abomination of Dr. Frankenstein for the Gore-Grind Cyber-Porncore with a classical comedy fun aus Dornbirn, Vorarlberg – Austria; being Sleazer on drums, Sebified Brutality on vocals, lyrics and founding member onto Niko (guitars, programming) for being one hundred percents auto-insanity chao-comedic as terrible confusing the mighty fusion of irrelevant Noise-Core and Grind Core; with the displaying of that tied-up girl only in her underwear for accompanying these twenty-eight bizarre of non-filtered themes about sickening world of underground pornographic dungeon realm as you might living in it for a couple hundred times days and within the most hideous, torturous and abnormal-icious titles off the record - In Masturbation We Trust like I Fisted A Russian Girl, Spermerella and The 7 Bukkake Dwarves, I Got a Boner by Teresa Orlowski, Tara Lynn Foxx, Gang Bang Sandwich Bitch Penetration or Latinas Fuck Better onto Whorerupted Orgasm of The Bondage Bitches or A Stench of a Splashed Wench destroying the dummy pussies not pounding them but shredding them up a your biggest commitment like a Happy Scat Freaks of Hairy Bigfoot Cunt of the Lesbian Lechery of Animal Buggery killing it and wrapped a Porno Groove Party.

In Masturbation We Trust: