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God Lustration (FERRRUM.COM 2015)

The main answer for your demanding next generation for Machine Head’s existence of extreme Modern Metal music within thus almost the same essential amounts of heavy riffs, powerful and anti-established lyrics or issues and double drumming pedals like crumble world in front of your eyes happening slowly; Alexandr Baev, Alexandr Sitalo, Alexey Pasko, Anton Vorozhtsov and Oleg Talanov would be your ultimate crew of destructive crucible real Heavy Metal for the year today. From hailing pride of metallic scene of Zaporizhia – Ukraine, comes the limitless fast tempos or slower explosives blasted sounds from deep within thus darker pole over how your Extreme Metal music should sounding alike for these days of uncertainty and many devastations. Hell: On is your choice among others and as the slashing slithering bashing total brutality mixed of Death Metal, Thrash, Nu-Metal and Hardcore on this releasing of the newest from them – Once Upon A Chaos: not only one can seeing the terrible layer of the abomination oblivion place with creatures feasting on humans or tortures eternal scenes while the bursting drumming or raging riffs via Delirium, Self-Destruction, Filth and Obliteration may sounded reasonable to ears to listen louder; there’s nothing can save your regrets after the doomsday time comes – today or tomorrow ! 

For the fanatic fans of Devildriver as well.

Once Upon A Chaos: