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Gloton Barcos (Sony Music 2012)

The more real and realistic rocking-music version of the Finnish kiddie group performance playing songs for kindergarten and toddlers now being up-graded by these Argentinian rockers: Milli Pilli on lead vocals, Komppi-Momppi (drums), Riffi-Raffi on guitars to bass player Muffi-Puffi with various favorable things to gain such as pizza, vegetables, freitas con-carne to phrases and the likes on being infeluences by either Hair Metal, Iron Maiden to Skid Row and hailing themselves from Montana de los Hechiceros – this is Heavysaurios rather than Hevisaurus. 
Self-titled brought the Heavy Metal crash-course and merrier melodic solos and high-pitched vocals truly fits with the fourteen songs recorded by the band correctly via the obvious daily public issues or your life-time carried Momia De Las Catacumbas, El Estornudo Del Dragon, La Goma De Mascar De Sofi, Policia Rezongon onto El Fantasma Escondido or Nuestra Secreto and of course, Metal Jurasico anthem. Magnificent Spanish lyrics will reminding you about Epic Metal Symphonic pagan or something but the animation might ruins the holy images …