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Glacier Pale (Bandcamp 2014)

   Meet the harmony music of the elaborates Autumn feelings attached while one thinking over their gloomy days regrets over the invisible force of spiritual-based scorched tensions but never really mad to the world around them for those sadness or melodramatic melancholy under one’s skin as a Classic strings arrangements made pretty soft and well to listen by Josephine Lloyd-Wilson or Josephine Lloyd or her name stage equality as Sephine Llo; bring the debut release on Flame – as these fine tracks and remixes collaborates altogether into a uniting story of sounds via the works from Autumn Chorus or Peter Lloyd as well sharpening the shapes of clarity mystical themed remarkably dig deeper through the dirt, the mud and the secret chambers and lifts as the finding treasure or mysterious tales reveals on itself like a card reading or fortune-telling moments nor coincidently as the lizard snapping the moth or the quick figures moving on the corner of your eyes, deliberating times for the six minutes one second to Home; I Your Moon comes next to washing the sins under the light of forgiving mother in the sky. 
This comes with the remixes works and Electronic-Folk experimental beauties by the gorgeous sets sailed over tears.