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Giza Seemala Mum (Bandcamp 2017)

   Shane Madden did his composition, violin and productions while Casey Smith comes with the vocals as well as Britannia Born (vocals) on duo or three-piece group comprising of their essential excellence over the Psytrap-Electronic for Chill-Out/Down-Tempo Psy-Dub and Gypsy or Trip-Hop as well as mass-media calling this also as the baby makin’ music or classical sexual tunes to listening while making sexual intercourse to your partners. Govinda’s newest recording Transcendence (mixes from The Sun and Moon) filling up with tons of semi-nudity and lusty seducing tones of tracks via Zenobia or Try Again, Mother’s Touch and Cosmic Ninja from these Austin-based group. Finding how thus arousing the bluish flames or whiter shades of touches from men to women – from dominant male to elegant female or reversed.  
So much Indianism and some parts of traditional bollywood-musical like but not sounding too darn commercials. 
A taste of either kind, gently intimacy between sexes or rough and harsh copulating within the thin red line separations between men and the beasts.