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Gimmie More Suck (Not On Label 2017)

   Don’t let everyone older than you at home know about this stuff – the experimental of sexy Electronic project off Mississippi as the mixing over various Electro-Noise sounds compiled into a big one package of erotic porn recordings as if this Wasteddesire is classified as an erotica experiments kinds of music that your mommy should not aware of and you aren’t allowed wisely to tell about this to her or your other aunties as well. Reminding that perhaps, you’ve been an addict to these kinds of pornographic happenings today since one discovered whether Blacked.Com is real as Dogfart interracial video sites or purely just a regular guy visiting playboy plus picture galleries and mpeg videos collections or more than that – those secret world of porn leads you to like this basic Breaks Electro, Trip-Hop experiences via the self-titled album Wasteddesire or the second releasing of the old-school beats, Techno gets the labor of love; music for perverts and addicts filled with oceans of maximal smutty moaning females where mature women like soccer moms or wild cougar wives and teenage girls being totally playing their roles as sex slaves either for fun or for both payment and naughty desires. 

For examples you can try: Je Ne Sais Pas, Schnell, So Fucking Hot, Molodaya Blondinka, Dessert to Meow and It’s Gonna Be Wet.