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Ghost Wedding (Bandcamp 2017)

The independent Hip-Hop project that might re-captures your interest for several times missing over your licking taste for Rap-Music, Soul Hip-Hop and spirits over wiser messages lyrics written and composed by this Chicago MC whom got his many types of busy projects by the name of Open Mike Eagle. Even though Brick Body Kids Still Daydream probably, a contrary searing political records chronicles as the daily feelings about insecurity and alienated under the Black Music Community in America but it is familiar to anybody whom likely wanted to be not on the spot but sharing ideas kinds of people to have “something” from this in a right way by listening and learn. 

Thus slower, relaxing or wiser parts discussed on (How Could Anybody) Feel At Home to Hymnal (feat. Sammus), Happy Wasteland Day to Legendary Iron Hood and Breezeway Ritual didn’t coming like you being bullied or a rare sub-cultured black campaign to the hearing rooms but rather be the good book compilations off the best works and mixes and you don’t have to feel inferior about it while trying. 

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream is a conscious Electronic Hip Hop semi-underground , a bit instrumental but boom bappin’ in its most comfort way delivers !