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Geraniums Each (Psychonavigation 2010)

Electro-pleasing tones that equally finding its way to be developed onto something weirdy or sexy to listening at by you as the piano tunes to the Synth-Pop products delivers by Paul Murphy, Paula Gilmer and Sean Quinn replanting their dreams of interest over a project called Tiny Magnet Pets truly got a circling circumstance among those of New Wave fans or non-shocking Electronic grooves beat sounds within the vocals of a female seductive attractions on a debut recording for them in Return of The Tiny Magnet Pets. 
Exploring mostly popular entrance and exits to blending the music and making the cultivates relevant materials like New Order-sound type brands with different orientations now that we already entered the new millennium via Ambient Leftfield or Pop-Electro tracks like Templehof, I Wasn’t Here, Boom Boom Boom, Control Me, A Faraway Sea and Cosmodrome or Spinning. 

The majestic spud-darts from Dublin – Ireland giving you the Kraut-Rock meets Bowie things or monotonous combinations for 70’s electronic oddly Pop-hooks with grooves.