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Gates Of Gloom (Self-Released 2016)

Meet the Folk-Pop non-trending on your lists today as these five-piece of Lisbon, Portugal group members out of the group named The Loafing Heroes: Bartholomew Ryan (vocals, guitars), Giulia Gallina (vocals, piano, concertina), Joao Tordo (double bass, guitars), Jaime McGill (bass clarinet) and Judith Retzlik (violin, trumpet) and whether you’re the big fan of Nick Cave or The Bad Seeds or thus Goth-Pop sadness simplicity sounds may finding your own personal sanctuary here via the slower tunes, dimmed vocals and gloomy lights of how the band’s manage to mixed their music from a peaceful quiet Folkish Pop onto thus sorrow-dragging misfortune tales to spread over the recording temptations inside the forth releasing on The Baron In The Trees. 
Literary filled with interests and variety musical of elusive characters giving comforts to those in needs as the calling back through the written lyrics may sharing wiser positive ideas to some to moving on for living or just by listening to Alternative Dreamy-Folk performs on Gypsy Waltz, Collapsing Star, Crossing Roads, Caitlin Maude, God’s Spies to Nightsongs may infinitely carries your burden slowly as you walking not too fast follows the path drawn in between the colorful mountains, hills, forests or rivers and calling it a journey to the private Folk-land not far away …

The Baron In The Trees: