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Fyre Darkest (Nuclear War Now! Productions 2012)

"Hail to the left hand spectre of infant beheader at the scary altar of Tophet as a qliphotic emanation filled occults stones or ascension towards a throne in lapis lazuli  opened for the seventh eye off unconscious flaming light of a devourer … Tehon", creeping in then blown-up like volcanic eruptions over and over again through the first track of Prayer I (Rev.X:VII) from this recording of extremity Death Metal slamming curses on Wrathprayer’s The Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur’s Essence which Spawned Death and Life burning higher as gigantic pyre works from the underground of occult worships the ancient knowledge and power filling therapy over the modern addictions about self-destroying by diminish the planet by mankind. Blisters of double pedals, unholy blasphemous tales to explode to your fake-face and the blackest dark doomsday parole comes as a payday a must being paid now. Imagine the destructions of the earth as million souls taken at once by either diseases, disasters or enslavement as the gods coming back to walks the planet once again in form of major earthquakes – demising everything. Loud slicing lead solos, heaviest underground riff-age and nothing to fear but them in wrath. Enclosing your painful and tortured physic and mental spirituals by listening for lasted thus songs of obliterations oblivion with From The Depths of The Phlegethon, Ritualization (Rev. XIII), The Annunciation I:I (Vermis Precatus) to Prayer II. 

Ave Shamash, Ave Antu, Ave Sekhmet …