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Future Man Zzzz (Bandcamp 2015)

   The Burgos – Spain brute-fixing themed anthem from the streets meet the Pop-infatuation repeating blasts that non-calmly made for skaters, extreme gamers and looney masters of jumping flashy or mosh-pit pogo dancing crew via the piggy inside the bag for sell but today is your lucky day for one got the Oink! Oink! release by a trio playing their Punk-Rock N’ Roll and Hardcore as human-pork pink colors as protesting the materialistic society and commercial communities; Carlos (drums), Javi (guitars, backing vocals, hammond) and Ruben (vocals, bass, backing vocals) leading these eight aggressive tracks originated to bash the head of your asshole’s richer dad, your bully brothers or some of your stupid trendy boyfriends while perhaps, not too impressing for the girls though. Anyway, crank-up the music loudest as Breaking Down, Not Too Late (Again and Again), The Sex Connection (When 2 Become 1) or War will throwing all the bottles to the stage and over the roofs like a kid’s fight over wasted food or weed candy or anything that just mixed not right because in our eyes the world seems to be blaming everything upon us the rebels rather than trying to dealing for solutions permanently. 

Oink !!!