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Furore Opium Eaters (Dark Industry 2014)

Haunting darker and amazingly creepy as the eerie melodies and seductive for rising your evil-ways thoughts happened to occurs as well as the performance of this mastering record by Hyena with the design by DDM and producer as well as the song-writer composed by Giona Vinti an Italian sound engineering and designer brings his manual disaster of tragic sounds related to thus Electronic Ambient and Industrial experiments in Soundscape portions of distort and slow-beating HC proof blending on the releasing album here called Atrabile. 
Swampy area on the edge of the forest – after the evening twilights and silently, dragging your intentions for not going inside to stepped and then, lost the way in it quite easily as usual cases did occurs as well due to many times victims demanding by the place. 
Samples from Shape of Despair extreme music to the originated materials heading crumbled chaos music such as Whales Attacking The Suboceanic Interconnect, Tanzhall 666, Machine State Oppression onto Beauty Lies in The Depth of The Night; carries the nightmare images in your pockets – ready to deploy the scare-moves at anytime.