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Funny Ghost (Black Lotus 1998)

   Death Metal Greek consortium unit with its members like Akis Kapranos, Antonis “Gore” Kotzias and many more gone and perhaps, forgotten but once a metal-heads listening to their masterpiece album like Animal; whether those classic melodious guitars or raging riffs of heavy anger by Stauros, bass-bashing energy of dark by Thanos or vocalist/growler Gore as the drumming player filled by Stelios, one whom truthfully a bigger fan for expressive Dark-Metal extreme groups like legendary Tiamat or Marduk or other Pagan Epic cross-over between Death/Doom and Avantgarde Black Metal probably would love to have this Horrified session recording via Animal. 

Let the face of the earth being abrasively smothered by thus tracks that carries extremity through Redemption, Davolja Varos, Under The Roots, Evol Morena to Hypnos. Don’t ever under-estimated these Death Metal pieces from the past-blasts.