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Fruit Iceburgs (Black Widow 2000)

Everyone might be very fucking pleased for having a time to quite listening for this and the original band’s fanatic fans as well must be driven nuts for knowing that their favorite group/band of Classic Rock like Blue Cheer got their final respects finally by the essential efforts to proclaiming the develops of struggling Rock N’ Roll realm within their power-grooved sounds and songs to collectively put on some of thus legendary track-lists as this Various Artists Blues Explosion: A Tribute to Blue Cheer truly carried not only the retro-garde's colors of old rocking spirits and wiser lyrics to us but as well as the newer generations paying their tribute musical to one of the most important groups from the midst of sixties era as one of the US first Heavy Metal bands exist at that time. We got the parade of rocking covers from Pentagram, Hogwash, Thumlock, Garybaldi or Internal Void through their compiling sounds differently via either Stoner Rock, Hard Rock or Doom Rock, etc. One will be the witness for how rocking the displays over Parchment Farm, Fortunes by Fireball Ministry, Sun Cycle played by Rise and Shine, Drag Pack brings Come and Get It, Standarte’s Sandwich to Vortice Cremisi with I’m The Light and others semi-legendary names from Natas to Ufomammut – are here to giving their technical measurements and quality on these classic tracks made new louder as you wanted to have via the tribute recording. 

Hail Them Hail and head-bang !!!