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Fresh Laundry (Pets Recordings 2015)

   A special five tracks release off the invitation revered Swedish producer/mixer of music Johan Cederberg disguises as HNNY again in his electronic mutations on Deep-House to Disco oldie retro sounds just like a cousin for Alternative Rap mixture over the ate nineties and the simple minimalist dance samples beats altogether by the bunny painting sign done and accessible via Happy Happy House House the opener track or Brasilian Sound that comes longer within more than six minutes and seven seconds Progressive House intimates sound providing for the celebrations of his quirky releases and branding grades over the HNNY or must be read as Honey; brought these recorded Carefree perhaps, as bonuses listed favorite dancers anthem under the sun-kissing grooves or Trip-Hop melodies as atmospheric jaunts being up-tempo as the distant kids whistles, concrete workers or imperfect samples purposely can be turning onto good mixing on music if brilliant ideas intact there in a brain of a talented artist like this guy.