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Fremd Kravmann (Die Eigene Gessellschaft 2017)


   Existing since the late eighties era as their Punk-Pop rocking music sounds cranking loud enough in a standard passage of making your excitement of pleasure on Goth-Rock to Pop-Punk rising again as there’s a long story background for this Berlin’s outfit group making their way to releasing the eleventh albums today with many of still fits for your modern day themes recording via Glauben Nicht Wissen (Not Know to Believe), Geh Zuruch (Go Back), Menschen Werden Alt Und Dann Sterben Sie (People getting older and then They’re Dead) onto Glorie or So Bist Du as exactly taken from the full-length recording of Der Traum Vom Anderssein. Formatted by the members now collectively as Max Muller (vocals), Michael Frohlich (bass), Olaf Boqwist (guitars), Julianne Miess (keyboards) and Florian Koerner von Gustorf (drums) still as Mutter – the band.
The combinations between Alternative Metal to Indie Rock sessions with distortion heavily comes and simple mixing of various materials of music are here to stay for couple while as Mutter comes back licking ice cream in a girl image. 

Listen to their sounds and be amazed …