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Freefall Lily Corner (Bloodshot Records 2012)

   An acoustic good tracking of our American born on December of 1974 as then turning his talents as singer/song-writer and comes from Memphis, TN with his intensive dynamic deep humor, heavy song-writing lyrics and composes with braver productions over this third full-length albums on the release off Mutt and it’s not just a Country-Rock only lonely choice but also you might taste some of Cory Branan’s Alternative Rock ala Pearl Jam sounds and thus liking over The Band, old version of The Wallflowers, The Jayhawks and Bob Dylan fusion of Folk, Pop-Rock and Blues all the way blossoming the spirits through the clearly smart and sensitive sensibility for humanity touches to others written through There There Little Heartbreaker, Darken My Door, Bad Man and Survivor Blues giving the audiences a new sound for the great replacement on Bruce Springsteen one day fine enough to continues the social critics and living worthy-based of tracks as well as lyrics. Wiser voice from the plain sandy dry country that counts !