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Foudroyant (Stars Dots And The New Junk 2016)

Disturbing as this type of music or noises can be described as a sick funeral themes for the sickness or infected ears only that can capturing the deeper essence of how madness isn’t just easily to cure and for that facts; spoken word of the demonic possessions, experimental electronic, improvements Noise and Sound Art all the creepy ways around the corner of dark-tones and evil intentions as the tracks of unknown force being release there on A Small Prayer Whispered to Rocks and Sand and Little Bits of Moss lasted I seven minutes and seven seconds or Un The Fullness of Time droning deeper like a broken screeches signs at nine minutes-fifty five seconds digitally devastated. Then everyone can see that faking faces and non-solitude false prophecies fulfillment off Useless Slags by Osmiroid turned out to be freaking real and those horrible experience of listening can be declared hostile for too damn late to going back and run away from insanity format develops. 

Useless Slags: