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Floor Shame (Bandcamp 2016)

   Washington’s Grunge plus Rock N’ Roll trio with their famous live shows and heavier riffs sounding loud over the existence providing of Indie-Rock and Alternative music courageous settled down permanently seemed to be establish within the collaborations from singer Josh Finver and drummer Enzo Ferroggiaro to bassist Alex Stack as the likes from them around the related things to Candlebox, Steel Panther or The Answer and the hidden but really can’t hide too deep is the essential Soundgarden-tinged chords progressions and vocals; given this extended play album from Black Dog Prowl called Have A Little, crazily sounded so nineties era and powerful proven. 
You might liking how Robert Peters shredding skin and melodies coloring the sky and the hearing sense while the other members did well to completing the music sound as a unit of rock elements through Make Me or Ways & Means. 

Don’t miss the choruses and thus pretty bridges and curves within the band’s performance !

Have A Little: