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Flitzed Balloon (BMSS Records 2015)

Goa-Progressive of Psy-Trance and Psychedelic Retro Chill-Out or Electronic acid sounds like a non-stop hitting noises of dance-clubbing arena forcing everyone to moving closer, faster or just breathing in and out but not stopping or even worse – just sit down and wondering; not inside the encyclopedia of tracking productions and composing music of Electro-House programs for Sasa Dukic’s project of Electro-Rave-Dance PsiloCybian’s ruling moment while you stuck inside it – luckily, don’t have to be shy or afraid to mingle, step in and be yourself; it’s going to be just fine and hotter soon as GodHead releasing its modern technologic track-lists via the personal mixed or collaborations like I Can’t Fell My Brain, OddWood, Shapagnum or Fatline (2015 Mix) to From Another Dimension with PsiloCybian & Audioform onto Unforeseen Consequences within PsiloCybian & Deimos. 

Chunky undulating, various cosmic layers to re-open, pulsating bass-line, tricky bridges and effective deeper melodic and echoes to preserving the will of dancing, drinking alcohols and touching intimate parts of a stranger … 

Not just as a tribute to The God of the Forest but a hustling master-piece you might loved to living with while partying hard on an outdoor rave classics.