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Flamingever (Necropolis Records 1994)

Death/Black metal Sweden of the extreme vanguards of three satanic/pagan Nordic believers for an Epic melodic in six six six temperatures; meet your metallic prosecutors Henke Forss, Tomas Asklund and Fredrik Soderberg blasting their energetic of evil thoughts and themes to spread for the audiences head-banging hard like a possessed horde of followers and dark-essence spraying everywhere by splats like ritualistic blessings by the used of virgin blood of her slitting throat open as the beginning season changes over summer dying sun to autumn hibernating times as the last collective of food fading as the lights getting gloomed. Feel the wrath of cold weather and the mountain spirits came down within Dawn (the band) through these album tracks of The Ethereal Forest, A The Tears Fall, Svarter Skiner Solen as well as Eyesland to Diabolic Beauty lurking from behind the dry leaves and dead trees. This releasing of the band’s debut for the extreme Naer Solen Gar Niper For Evogher related to the went down of the sun cycles on the end of the year counting as some traditional folklore believes that the end of time would be closely clinging as it happens. Autumn comes again and extremity sounds is the best way for describing how chaotic the inside realm would be when everything’s ended here …