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Filthy Animals (Chopped Herring Records 2015)

   White or Black or anything isn’t a big matter in Hip-Hop world actually, just asked how Cynic The Apache or Rapswell or Squires dealing their non-colorful blinded skins comparison with the life-style underground of New York Rap music products they’ve made there as Pen Pals doing the self-titled recording for Hip Hop independent ambassador of the East Coast and the proof for their rhyming sessions on lyrics and beats flows like thin air possible to shaking your hips and hands to waving up high or speaking about the rest struggling features ideas and affordable thoughts needs to be shared from the street to your ears form the sound system with this recording of Squires The Cynic & Rapswell are ...Pen Pals or tune-in over a radio via these soon should be classic tracks like STFU, The Comeback, Snatchblasters or Blue and Burners like the stamping envelop send to the entire global world from NYC comes as the rhymes of freedom. 

So if you wanted or liking how the Hip-Hop looks up further in these group; you know that they’re not your Beastie Boys but they’ll be something much better as the Rap music next savior !