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Filth All My Ghosts (Bandcamp 2017)

   Leaving behind her originated country of Slovakia but choosing to live in America as the female rocker and metal girl in a mysterious beauty named Snovonne “Sno” Drake releasing by her own decisions to have a solo career in singing loud hard music as an author and vocalist of her own project of thus bitterness monumental, of theatrical and orchestral with unpredictably and temperamental emotions of lyrics and sounds of the mixture off Symphonic Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock and Modern Rock combine into one particular maximum promising new record through the gearing-up spinning epic music on The Child and The Bitch.
One shall be getting the complete loud sounds presented by heavy-hitting, stomper riffs, melancholy razor sharp harmonies within the melodic taste of Rock Music from Snovonne. 
   It’s like a battle of who you were when you ‘re born against the global new world that shapes you into something else by chance; through the favorable tracks like Breakdown, Bullshit, Sally, Anatomy, best Days and My Poison’s Made For Me truly a good rocking compositions which explains these compilation or third record of Chronicles 1984-2014 as her era of developing or changes as the lady herself settled in Florida nowadays. 

Clashing voices and remarkable trembling faith over fate and hope’s that gone perhaps, didn’t quite returning to you as a bad sign or completely downfall but on this story – a transforming of something beautifully psycho analytic-strong undertone to listen.

The Child and The Bitch: