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FF Class FF (Independent 2017)

   Gel Pen is (in fact) a jelly girl queer-do you might wanted to listen because her music is unique and she’s not your kinds of normal babe to take home with while calling her Gel P or GP Trashcastle and thus glitter boogie format of Trip Hop beyond the Pop-sarcasm softly comes into action as a plural neutral experimental witchery slow-tuning music as mystic Pop-tinged within the releasing album by this Santa Rosa, CA via Oakland’s semi-independent alley goes to play her performance of musical alibis over Tune Night; the magical, half-futuristic and enchanted effort not portraying Gel Pen as just a project of bunny girl or another bitchy version of Alice through the flux grooves and live instruments around Almost, Snake, Blurry, Home or School Lol and Miss You – all mixed into one bowl of emotions from the next-binary world of femme-licks queer honesty productions.

Tune Night: