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Fed Are Pigs (Heavy Psych Sounds 2016)

   When you loved to listen a louder version formatted of Retro-Classic Heavy Rock, Psychedelic Prog-Punkish and Bluesy Metal or simply, just called it Stoner Rock approved by the record – Fears of The Dead and add some ingredients from Black Sabbath’s Doom Metal for the modern genre demands and you might got this heavy metallic of Austin. TX unit calling themselves – Duel as a quartet of rockers turning their back on semi-occultism, bluesy formats and power-grooves rhythmic blender on Southern Rock heaviness with Stoner Metal made proudly of US of A as consisting of Tom Frank (guitars/vocals), Shaun Avants (bass/vocals), JD Shadows (drums) and Jeff Henson (guitars) sounded menacing and old-school but tough cause these foursome seems didn’t losing their focus among the blends of darker sounds on 70’s proto-metallic scene and brutally within the deeper grooves and harder like it should as well. 

Listen to the skull-facing hooded death gnarls rocking sounds via This Old Crow, The Kraken, Locked Outside, Electricity and Fell to The Earth repeating the repetitions based on smothered evil damn rock !

Fears of The Dead: