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Feather Dove (Thrill Jockey 2017)

The collaborations between sisters (actually, not as siblings) but more to thus similarity upon musical capability, related favorable thoughts or traditional based purifications through essential themes and semi-occult as Psychedelic American primitives of Appalachian Folk-experiments and the same inhabitants of Ashville, North Carolina; spiritual chanting, harmony vocals and collective musical instruments performance between the duo of House and Land – Sally Anne Morgan (fiddle, shruti box, banjo, vocals) with Sarah Louise Henson (vocals, 12-strings guitar, shruti box, bouzouki) quickly re-discovered through the lens of love format on tradition music sets in a live/acoustic considers spaces around them in simplicity and adornment while these Appalachian ballads or the tuning session off this self-titled recording may revealing the essential secrets surrounding the creation of mankind or couple; as the serpents guiding the corner side of the circle or eating preys as the music fulfilling the pure things in spartan beautiful works like this one.
Play their music for Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, False True Lover, Listen To The Roll, Home Over Yonder and Rich Old Jade non-mistakenly would deprived from the real stories telling via the strings arrangements or percussion played by Thom Nguyen as being blessed by the spirits of the old desert or the delta rivers.  

House and Land: