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Fantasy Model Gazongas (Leviathan Records 2002)


   Just say that Mister Dick (grinding of kureci narez), Mister Cyklo (growling of pathologist), Mister Kuba (thrashing of kureci narez) and Mister Knedlik (screaming of slinivikovy zachvat) are the sick entirely gigantic boobs addicts as the displaying of most female with enourmous – almost impossibly pictured in a nude breasts like a softer piece of titanoboa’s heads and all being totally displays without any embarrassment but smiles and Onany Boys is your ultimate Grind-Core Porn noise-makers in the releasing of this compilations through their last but not least brutal works which also disturbing for common people to have; gentlemen – this is Re-Animation of Titillating Booby Hullaballoo an actual sickest themed about female boobs with enormous sizes and thus followed making either pleasures or problematic around thus things which hang-on completely seductive, arousing to grab and being squeezed onto the entirely process of the beginning to the transforming the smaller into the proper shapes or more than that – addictions to be perfect as sicker like the band themselves. We all will witnessing not only the photographs of beautiful slutty babes with biggest boobs and editing sessions but also the parade of the themed tracks where the thin line between adultery and fun comedy looks not to far different.
Welcoming these Czech Republic group bring their Grind-Porn Core full of titties via Amazing Proportions of My Dear, Augmentation of Tits, Ballooning Mammoths, Boobologic Morphing, Bosom Inflated like a Pair of Beach Balls to the names of the beauties white femme hookers and porn-stars like Deena Duos, Chloe Morgan, Candy Cantalopes  and Crystal Storm - straight and pretty much absurd to give as a gift on your girlfriends’ nephew birthday or even the bachelor party of your best worst friend – because this album truly would be too much ugly and odd to be wrapped and put as a medley resent. 

Parasite thought patterns of female milking hands of Heavy Metal extreme !