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Extinction Van (Self Destructo 2013)

Forget about the first communion of Proto-Punk and rebel-tinged music that came out from Detroit, Michigan because as the new days coming along the new problems and the new story begins with of course, a new genre of scene with the more ferocious fast Cross-Over driven of Speed Metal, Stoner Punk, Thrash music if you talking about Motorhead rather than MC5’s influences for this unit – Against The Grain on releasing this twelve inches album called Surrounded By Snakes and throwing some short-duration songs of social protests in twelve tracks as you would having them raw, crispy and fully solo classics for the examples: Comin’ Home, Raise Your Glass or Last Breath performed by Chris Nowak (bass, lead vocals), Rob Nowak (drums), Nick Bellomo (lead guitars) and Bryan Griffin (rhythm guitars). 

Feel the quality of a Detroit Thrash-Hardcore mechanics via this ! 

Surrounded By Snakes: