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Eveready Same (Blah Records UK 2016)

The recording label founder and member of Hip-Hop secret society in the Great Britain like Cult Mountain and more; our MC and producer Lee Scott is definitely from Runcorn, UK as his introducing himself as Lee – simply. Having the nice Hip-Hop/Rap music recording releases as the one for being our example would be this Nice Swan compiling album by the man (as Leopold Rhymewell). Put your ears closer to the stereo system and feel how these Motown-ist tracks like Kaput or Wh1plash or Goosed or Jamais Vu or Busway blues or Godawful or even Twothousandand5 along these bracket packaging of Nola's Jazzy-Soulful Rap sounds creating by the composer MC who head-dressing up like a bee from one perspective. 

Let’s try not to ignoring this cause ya know that once ya got blacks ya wud definitely never goin back to the start !

Nice Swan: