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Entity Absent (Not On Label 2011)

   Either you got a highly blurred conceptions over thus two minutes and four seconds over the song - Idol Eye, another two minutes sharped via Jester of The Cosmos and even Lack of Wholeness lasted only at one minute and ten seconds probably not enough but already given a good perspective on how Sibilants album release might develops by the creative touch from the maker/composer elusively called itself Vine – with the short information about him plays onto this Staten Island Prog-Rock psychedelic band but here is his own project of musical that should making the listeners a little bit amazed on how the structures shaped, composing materials of non-demanding trends or thus classical performance in several types of musical instruments including the harpsichords, keyboards, synthesizer and even computerized pentatonic strings arrangements just like the listed songs from Vine’s Sibilants through In Eloria, Red Sanctimony and Innocence In a Sense. 

Counting the hours for listening to the blending of Progressive Music which being symbolized by the excellent triangle connected between worlds as a sound portal.