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Emotional Nice (Spinefarm Records 1994)

Behind the original extremity as the Grind-Core group turning to Nu-Metal/Korn-inflicted teams-up and gearing beats in secluded semi-messianic machinery tempos of Xysma – the Turku, Finland rocking metallic band consisting of Janitor Muurinen, Kalle Taivainen, Olli Nurminen, Teppo Pulli and Toni Stranius liking wider influences for their musical tenacious sense from the mix of 70’s Classic Heavy Rock to Death Metal to pure Retro Rock and Pop as well as releasing one of their finest recording made to album on De Luxe – within either the surprising piano superb fights inside the pub or saloon like the testimony for the power of Grunge/Hardcore/Punk Metal and Heavy Rock to Rock N’ Roll through I Fell Like Lou Reed, Hard Without Tenderness, Green Gas Station Jacket to Le Mans 66 and So Divine – turning the frustrating lyrics and three chords explosion blasts of the mighty Xysma attracts more attentions of the screw-heads and bangers-on.

De Luxe: