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Emenius Sleepus (Bandcamp 2016)

   UnderCover Presents: A Tribute to Green Day’s Dookie must be a great anniversary of the releasing on this most sell-out and the pioneering of the comeback for Punk Rock Pop which not sounding too political and hating the governments but trying to view the entire daily lives problems that you and most of the teenagers and older people dealing with during the bad days and the worse ones and there’s nothing more suitable than listening back to those anthem tracks re-recording as tribunal covers to honoring the trio of colored hair and bad attitude from East Bay within the new fresher or different interpretations from the artists collaborations on the album. 
   From the semi-folkish of a female voice as slow and sweetening calm as it can be version of the opener track Burnout by Marston, the Ska-Punk funfare-tinged of mosh-pit kids via La Plebe’s Spanish version of Having A Blast, soulful like a motherfucker heavenly church-life emotions off Jazz Mafia’s Choral Syndicate for Longview, MoeTar cheers you up with Welcome To Paradise and there’s even an Motown Rn’B version for the song Chump performing by Sal’s Greenhouse – all presenting their owned style possible to re-creating the genius written album record by Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day as sharing the cultural touchstones onto each other and worldwider. 
   Some appearance are also surprising which carried bonuses tracks like F.O.D and the classic cover of All By Myself. 

Completely experimental tribute covers that could blow your mind out with joy loving on music !